In-Between at Artemis


I’m much overdue in making this official announcement that my ‘sabbatical’ from Artemis Gallery is now underway.  I’m affording myself time to pursue my own art practice, which has been an elusive objective since graduating from Emily Carr in 1987.  I like the synchronicity of 2017 being the year this circle finally comes round.

The numeral “7” is prominent here. In mythological symbolism it’s the number of stages it takes to complete a whole process: think of days in a week / notes in a scale / dwarfs in a cottage. This may be why, after seven years of creating & running the gallery, it feels appropriate to pause and be open to whatever the next incarnation of “Artemis” may be.

I have nothing but gratitude for these past seven years.  What a privilege to work with so many masterful artists in presenting their art to the community.  Welcoming that community has been a profoundly rewarding experience, and I already miss the amazing conversations that the artwork and gallery space seemed to foster.

The studio aspect of Artemis was immediately embraced by an array of amazing teachers and students. Drawing, painting, printmaking, shamanic studies, textile arts, children’s theatre, and yoga are just some of the classes that were facilitated.  The gallery has also been home to many private events: AGM’s, wedding & birthday celebrations, bridal & baby showers,  musical evenings, and more.  I’m especially honoured that Artemis has been the venue for several memorial gatherings as well.

The gallery has frequently been transformed into a “Pop-Up” shop by local business people, and one – “Paper Label” – will be staying popped-up much longer than usual.  Owners Nicole Ninow, Teresa Lake, and Heather Lutz will be utilizing Artemis as their creative hub, and presenting a series of themed “Pop-Up” shops in the coming months.  I’m so delighted their terrific design sense and casual cache will keep the space energized these next couple of years.  Do have a look:

It’s truly impossible to thank everybody who’s contributed to making Artemis a success: the artists for entrusting us with their work; everyone who attended the openings and exhibitions; all the patrons who purchased artwork; the people who signed up for classes;   groups who chose Artemis as their venue.  The list is a long one…

But I specifically need to give massive thanks to: Oliver Browne for countless hours of graphic design (and DJ-ing opening nights!); Daniella Amit & Emily Perkins for spelling me off in the past; and Tom Corbeth (another great speller-offer) for always helping the opening receptions and events go a little more smoothly.  Mr. Corbeth also spear-headed our acclaimed “Foreign Movie Nights” at Artemis, which now has a new home (like Tom!) at the Seymour Art Gallery.

Immense gratitude to Judith Fidler and Susan Robertson – for their continuous, altruistic commitment to Artemis.  Assisting with the exhibitions these past few years, their scheduled volunteerism helped to keep me sane.  I couldn’t have hand-picked two more radiant personalities to represent the gallery.

I’ve saved the biggest and final thanks for Peter Browne – my constant, unfailing support and husband of almost 40 years. Peter is my cornerstone, and Artemis could not have been either realized or sustained without him.

Like the gallery, I’m also currently some place “in-between”.  So many ideas to play with – so long since I’ve played.  No matter…a place of “not-knowingness” is still a place after all.  I’m currently busy creating a studio that can handle a real mess, and I’ll post a few pictures of works in progress once my hands get dirty.

Meanwhile, I hope the images in this post convey something of my overall direction. These five pieces comprise my “Crane Series” from a few years ago.  Made with paper, and glued under glass, sections of my own photographs are combined with found images and  bits of printmaking.  I don’t know if any of my new work will be “under glass”, but I do know my focus will continue to be on concept, process, layering & symbols.

Thanks, everyone, for your interest in Artemis!   I shall keep you posted…

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On Now: Silly Skirt Poem

Hand Embroideries by Eleanor Hannan, Text by Elizabeth Dancoe

November 3 – 23, 2016

The first line of “Silly Skirt Poem”: Linocut on Paper

Silly Skirt Poem, is another story in the ongoing series “1001 Funny Things You Can Do With A Skirt”.  This installation is a gift from Eleanor to Elizabeth for her 60th birthday in celebration of their 20 year creative collaboration on the stories of the ‘Anasyrma gesture’.

The exhibition coincides with the launch of their blog “Skirt Power Stories”, which will  contain all of their stories, artwork, dialogue and research in one new location

Opening Reception and blog launch:                                                                      Sunday, November 6th, 1pm – 4pm

Workshop with Eleanor & Elizabeth                                                                                    Words, Meaning, Image: Hands-on art play with text and subtext                                  Saturday, November 19th, 1pm – 4pm                                                                                For details and cost please visit:  

Gallery Hours:                                                                                                             Tuesday through Sunday, 12 – 5pm (or by appointment)                                                Closed on Mondays

Deep Cove to Haida Gwaii: new work by Maria Josenhans – Sept 23 to Oct 23

maria-show-piece-sept-2016We are so excited to welcome back Maria Josenhans for this much anticipated exhibition.  “Deep Cove to Haida Gwaii: Paintings From a Year Outside” will be on display at ARTEMIS from September 23rd to October 23rd. 

Please join us for the opening reception Friday, September 23rd between 7pm & 10pm.  The artist will be in attendance. 

GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday through Sunday,  Noon to 5pm  / Closed Mondays 

A selection of paintings from this exhibition may be viewed at :