Mbira Event ~ ‘Invoking Memory’

Traditional Mbira Music from Zimbabwe
Featuring Erica Azim playing mbira and sharing the songs and
culture of Zimbabwe
Saturday, November 8th – 8:00pm (doors open at 7pm)
Suggested Donation:  $20.00
Mbira is a sacred music which connects the living with those who have departed the physical plane, and therefore a timely offering at this season of remembrance.
This is an mbira concert PLUS:
Space to make art (bring art supplies if you have some), write poetry, knit, sing songs, dance, or simply listen deeply. 
Bring a small image of a departed loved one, if you wish.
Erica Azim will play mbira and lead singing. 
You can hear examples of mbira music at  www.mbira.org.
All donations will go to the MBIRA Musicians Fund, and will be distributed to over 200 Zimbabwean traditional musicians (who earn less than $100 a year)
Please note, this event is in affiliation with:
Friday, November 7, at 7pm
Saturday, November 8, all day
Sunday, November 9, until 5pm
Location: 2057 Panorama Drive, North Vancouver, Deep Cove
Cost: $300.00 USD for all three days
All levels welcome; no experience required; instruments available to use during the workshop.Fee includes 3-day workshop with instruction by Erica; cooked vegetarian meals; Saturday night mbira event and sleeping space for those who need it.

For more information contact:  Natalie 778-833-4088 or Chris 604-929-8757 or register through www.mbira.org


About Artemis

Artemis of Ephesus

“What is Artemis ?” The question was asked by a lovely woman, just leaving the studio after painting class. It’s a good question, for lots of reasons, but especially because ‘Artemis’ is the name of the little art gallery/studio I established five years ago on Vancouver’s North Shore. That the question was ‘what’ and not ‘who’ made me realize I had a responsibility to do a better job of introducing ‘Artemis’ to my community. Although I knew how complicated it was going to be, I promised myself to eventually forge a comprehensive answer.

I chose the name ‘Artemis’ after several of my dreams dovetailed with my travels, and led me to realize that somehow ‘She’ was calling. I presumed that most people might know her as ‘the other Diana’ – Roman goddess of the hunt and the moon. That’s one of the initial reasons I thought this name & deity would be appropriate. Deep Cove, where I live, is situated on the most southern fiord of North America, with huge mountains that plunge down into a narrow channel of the sea. Facing east, it’s the best place to catch a spectacular moonrise. But other signs of Artemis were all around me – evidence that she (known by one name or another) has been here all along. Mythology tells us that the lush-green wooded mountains are where she wanders; little fish in the coves are guarded by her gaze; the bear and deer, always close by, are two of the animals most sacred to her.

Some people may know about the Ephesian Artemis, who was such a revelation to me when I first visited Turkey. But few will have guessed her many names or all the realms over which she is said to preside. My own epiphany came two years ago on a ‘chance’ journey to the tiny village of Patara in south-western Turkey. I found that the people there, both ancient and modern Lycians, claim the goddess Leto, and her twin-children Apollo & Artemis, as their own. I apparently had stumbled upon the birthplace of Artemis, which made me even more curious to understand the breadth and depth of this goddess and the mythos that surrounds her.

Since then, my personal definition of ‘Artemis’ has expanded almost beyond words. But, as I’m still determined to answer ‘the question’, watch for a series of concise, incremental posts on the new ‘blog’ portion of this website, where I plan to share what I’ve discovered, along with some simple visual offerings – to Her.

Shannon Browne
October 2014

Statue of Artemis (detail) taken at the Ephesus Museum, Selchuk, Turkey, 2008.
(Excavated from the ruins of the great temple of Artemis at Ephesus)

Autumn 2014 ~ What’s on at Artemis

 Back after the summer, our on-going classes at Artemis are up and running, with the added prospect of several new offerings this fall / winter. Come & join us!

Watercolour classes – with Enda Bardell
Tuesdays 10 – 1pm 4 sessions for $120, ongoing ($35 for “drop in”)

Just announced:
2 Special Weekend Watercolour Workshops – with Enda Bardell

Saturday October 25 10 AM – 4PM $60
Saturday November 15 10 AM – 4PM $60

Acrylic Painting – with Kerry Vaughn Erickson
Sunday Mornings 10:30 AM to 1:30PM $40  (drop-in $45)

Just announced:
Portrait Painting Session ~ Live Model & Demo with Kerry Vaughn Erickson
Sunday, October 19th 10:30AM to 1:30PM $40  (drop-in $45)

Theatrical Wonderland – with Carmel Amit
After-school drama classes for children 8 to 12yrs
Thursdays 3:30PM to 5:00PM $100 per month (4 classes)
NEW: Film & TV Acting Classes for Teens 13 to 18 yrs.
Thursdays 5:00PM to 6:30PM $125 per month (4 classes)
Upcoming Special Offerings:

Life Drawing Soiree ~ Live models / props & costumes / facilitated by artist & instructor Kerry Vaughn Erickson
Drawing boards & newsprint provided
Bring your own drawing materials, etc.

Thursday October 30th 7:30PM to 10:30PM $30.00
Thursday November 20th 7:30PM to 10:30PM $30.00
(2015 dates to be announced)

Encaustic Painting ~ Hot Wax Workshop with Maria Josenhans
The Cut Lino Block ~ Multi-Plate Colour Printing Workshop with Susan Gransby
Both of these workshops are being planned for early 2015. Please let me know if you’re interested asap, so we can endeavor to find the best dates for the most people!

Two special bookings in November, that may interest you:
‘The way of the Shaman’ ~ Basic workshop with Gizelle Rhyon Berry
Two days – November 1st & 2nd 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Mbira Event: ‘Invoking Memory’ ~ A reverent, musical fundraiser to support Zimbabwean musicians and provide opportunities for young people there to learn this traditional instrument.   November 8th, 8pm (doors open at 7pm).  Please see the listing under “EVENTS’ for more details.


Information & registration & for all classes, workshops & special events: