An evening with author Ralph White

Please join us to welcome author Ralph White for the presentation and signing of his new bookThe Jeweled Highway ~ On the Quest for a Life of Meaning’. The evening will feature a special introduction by Dr. Leonard George.

Monday, October 5th, 7pm to 9pm
Free Admission / Seating is Limited

In 1984 Ralph White co-founded the New York Open Center – America’s leading urban center of holistic learning. He initiated the “Esoteric Quest” in 1995 – a series of conferences, open to all – with little sense that a twenty year (and counting) exploration of the Western Esoteric Tradition would result.

Ralph’s own search for meaning has taken him on many adventures in South America and Tibet, and led him to become deeply involved in supporting the worldwide emergence of a holistic and ecological worldview. His new book recalls his childhood in Wales; adolescence in gritty Northern England; and later, his distinguished pioneering role in multiple centers of spiritual learning.

An excerpt from the preface to The Jeweled Highway ~ On the Quest for a Life of Meaning by American psychotherapist and author Thomas Moore:

“…Ralph White’s narrative offers direction to current voyagers and travelers on the way out of materialistic insanity into meaning. Don’t glorify any truth or tradition. Participate. Participate. Feel the insights and discoveries of others. Don’t restrict yourself to any truth. Open your heart to the most lowly practitioners of wisdom. Don’t succumb to the lures of the sweet and the lofty. Remain loyal to the lowly and the grimy. Stay grounded, even as you explore the highest.”

Tibetan Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman, writes: “If you want to know where we’ve been and where we’re headed in these times of great danger and opportunity, I cannot recommend this book highly enough.”

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