Travelogue: Beyond the Garden with artist in residence Lori Goldberg. Exhibition & Summer Painting Workshops: July 11 to 28, 2013

Lori - Summertime

July 15th to 18th

Inspiring, fun 4 day workshop for teens who want to expand their understanding of art in an environment that encourages self expression, and personal confidence .
Everyday the group will engage in creative and inventive approaches in artmaking. Indirectly academic techniques in drawing and painting will be explored. At the end of the 4 days the participant will have a better understanding of the language of
drawing and painting, and a deeper connection to their own creative personal vision.

SEEING: “Observing the world around and within you and create strong authentic art
THINKING: “interpreting and challenging our imaginations to inspire creativity”
MAKING: “drawing and painting using a variety of dry mediums and acrylic paint”

from: Monday July 15
to: Thursday July 18
time: 10:00 – 3:00pm
45min. for lunch
cost: $275.00 ( some materials included)


Forest Walk and Painting

This full day workshop starts with an inspired walk in the  the majestic wild beautiful landscape that surrounds Deep Cove.  As we walk , we observe, contemplate and record through sketching and photography what we experience while on our walk. Back in  the studio we will respond to our experience and create forest inspired paintings

date: Tuesday July 23rd
time:10:00 – 4:00pm
lunch 45min.
some materials included

for more information contact
Shannon Browne
Lori Goldberg

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