Ongoing Classes ~

For a complete description see listing below.

Kerry - eyecandy

Open Studio Acrylic Painting  ~ Sunday mornings with artist & instructor Kerry Vaughn EricksonAll Levels welcome.  Note: Thursday Evening Classes are ON! 




Water-media Art Coaching with Enda Bardell                                                       Tuesdays, 10am to 1pm.   4 Sessions = $120   Drop-In $35                                               Bring the paintings you’re struggling with and Enda will help you find solutions.

Susan Gransby for banner


Print Making ~ Specialty workshops with artist & instructor Susan Gransby.  Next session: Three-day Colour Lino-Cut Printmaking – coming Jan/Feb 2014

Green beeds

Fibre Arts Applications ~ Workshops every season with designer and instructor Daniella Amit


Creative Processes ~ Artist and teacher Kristin Krimmel continues to offer a variety of workshops throughout the year.

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